Decades of Love {Bente + Karsten}

Meet our first couple for the Decades of Love  {In Marriage} Campaign!

Bente + Karsten Dalberg

{ 35 Years Strong }

Married on Sept 9, 1978 Birkende, Fyn, Denmark
Married on Sept 9, 1978
Birkende, Fyn, Denmark

How did you meet?

Karsten used to come to my parents house back in Denmark as his friend was dating my older sister. They used to get together at our house for parties with singing around a campfire and other activities. I was just an irritating 15-year old that to get rid of me (and my girlfriend) Karsten once took me and carried me into my parents bedroom in hopes that I would stay in there so he and his friends could be left in peace. I think my girlfriend and I had a glass of sherry too much that night so the resulting giggling just became too much for the older group.

2 years later we met again at a harvest dance and ended up sitting next to each other and this time I was no longer an irritating 15-year old. We ended up dancing together the rest of the night and have been together ever since.

We moved away together 2 years later as Karsten got a job on another island, bought a house together and the following year we got engaged on a very romantic beach with the sun setting over the water. A romantic dinner at a nearby restaurant capped the evening. We got married the following year, September 9, 1978 in a small country church in Birkende on the island Funen half way between where we were both born.

30 years later (5 years ago) our kids thought it could be romantic, if we were to renew our vows. We had a very beautiful ceremony at our little Danish Lutheran Church in Calgary with many of our friends attending.

How do you keep the romance going?

Try to have a Romantic Dinner at home now and then. By supporting each other through ups and downs.

What is the most important aspect in a marriage to make it successful?

That you trust, help and support each other. And that you listen to each other. It helps too, if you kind of like the same things. Both of us like sailing.


Current Day, and still so in love!
Current Day, and still so in love!


Marriage isn’t always a cakewalk. What advice can you offer newly engaged couples when disagreements occur?

That they talk the problem out.


What do you see as the strengths of your marriage?

Allowing your partner room to be her/him self. Do things together – have fun together.


Those that make it through tough times often stay together. How have you dealt with stressful times?

We stick together, support and talk about it. We can even cry together, just let it out, that helps a lot.


Any other advice for newly engaged couples?

Respect your partners different ways, ideas, friends, traditions etc.


A special thanks to Bente + Karsten for submitting their love story!

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