Decades of Love {Bente + Carl}

Meet our second couple for the Decades of Love  {In Marriage} Campaign!

Bente + Carl Birkkjaer

{ 43 Years Strong }

Married on October 30, 1971 Denmark
Married on October 30, 1971

How did you meet?

We met dancing Scandinavian folk dancing in our local community where we both lived. An our romance started October 30, 2967 when we went to a movie together at a double date with Carl’s sister and my brother. Our friendship and love for each other grew rather rapidly and 2 years later October 30, 1969 we got engaged. Then 2 years later we got married on Saturday October 30, 1971. We were married in our local church and had a beautiful reception in our local community hall with family and friends. As the danish custom was it was all hosted by Bente’s parents.

How do you keep the romance going?

Always remember to appreciate and respect each other and say I love you with the hugs, kisses and intimate times that keeps the connection alive in a relationship.

What is the most important aspect in a marriage to make it successful?

To be honest and truthful to each other and sharing each other’s pain and celebrations.


Current day, and still so in love!
Current day, and still so in love!


Marriage isn’t always a cakewalk. What advice can you offer newly engaged couples when disagreements occur?

We have had over our 42 years of marriage had a few disagreements and we just talked it through before we got any sleep. Yes we have had some sleepless nights and we found clearing the issues right away works well instead of festering over issues we did not agree on.


What do you see as the strengths of your marriage?

We are each other’s best friends and enjoy spending time together most of the time. We have been in business together for 35 years and that has brought along some challenges and we simply divided our responsibilities so we each knew who was looking after what areas of the business.In our private life we did much the same and we have been spending time together doing a lot of out door activities, traveling, and dancing. We both treasure time with our family and make a point of freeing up time so we could spend time together with our 3 children. Now our children are all grown up and have families of their own and we are fortunate to enjoy some great time with our 6 beautiful grandchildren and their parents both at home playing games, spending time at our cabin at the lake and traveling


Those that make it through tough times often stay together. How have you dealt with stressful times?

We have been there for each other thru stressful times supporting each other by listening to how our spouse were feeling trough difficult times, and giving desperate situations to God in prayers is invaluable when we meet the road blocks in life where we simply feel we are powerless. Do not let the sun go down on disagreements.


Any other advice for newly engaged couples?

When you have committed to engagement you need to commit yourself to sharing your life together and include your fiancée in major decisions as well as committing time to spend together as a great relationship is build on collaboration between 2 people and not what suits one persons schedule.



A special thanks to Bente + Carl for submitting their love story!

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