Decades of Love {Rita + Gustav}

Meet our final couple for the Decades of Love  {In Marriage} Campaign!

Rita + Gustav Rasmussen

{ 34 Years Strong }

Married on September 4, 1981 England
Married on September 4, 1981

How did you meet?

We met on February 4 1977, Gustav knocked on our door ( I had a room mate at the time ) it was a Friday night and he was a door to door salesman. I did make a purchase of a cookware package.

Our wedding day was September 4 1981 which took place in a small village chapel in England.

How do you keep the romance going?

By going on date nights or afternoons to a movie we also travel a lot and I do get flowers on occasion.

What is the most important aspect in a marriage to make it successful?

A lot of respect and being considerate of one another and of course trust.


Current day and still so in love!
Current day and still so in love!


Marriage isn’t always a cakewalk. What advice can you offer newly engaged couples when disagreements occur?

Listening to one another let your partner finish what she/he has to say. Never go to bed angry.

What do you see as the strengths of your marriage?

Looking after each other being considerate and a lot of communication.

Those that make it through tough times often stay together. How have you dealt with stressful times?

Knowing that we have one another, our health our family and of course our friends that we can turn to.

Any other advice for newly engaged couples?

Be considerate and respectful of one another and understand that you both need your own personal time away from your partner once in a while, that’s healthy.


A special thanks to Rita + Gustav for submitting their love story!

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