Spring Fever: That Added Touch {Volume 1}

Spring Wedding Trends 2014

Looking to add a bit of edgy flair to your pastel spring colour palette? Bold, Black and White stripes will enhance any colour palette you decide to go with! And let’s be honest – it totally speaks to us {can’t you tell with our website? 😉 – well really ALL of our branding – I’m in Love what can I say!} 

{Image courtesy of 100 Layer Cake.}

Bird cages have been on trend for quite some time, but have more so been utilized as card holders on the gift table. Rather than go with what the norm is, why not create a stunning centrepiece with birdcages in a variety of shapes and sizes. To add some “Spring” flavour to them, spruce them up with some added greenery!
This centrepiece featured above, is specifically done well – it’s clean, crisp and every aspect of the design is utilized very well.

{Image courtesy of Hostess with the Mostess.}

Are Mason Jars Overdone? Maybe! But I still love them! They’re adorable, super versatile, and add that vintage feel that everyone seems to be going for these days!
To do them properly, stick with the theme and add them only to certain elements. Don’t over do it as last thing you want is your wedding looking like a bunch of Mason Jars fell off the back of a Jam truck (unless that IS the theme that you are going for). If you want them incorporated in your wedding, try just adding them to only one element such as just your centrepieces, or down the aisle.

{Image courtesy of Pinterest.}


Thanks for reading, Cheers!


Be inspired. Live inspired. – Karina Brown

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