Feature Friday: {orange trunk} vintage styling & rentals

I am so thrilled to announce another addition to our {ROCKSTAR VENDORS} List!

Yes, another totally awesome vendor hand-picked by yours truly! 

{orange trunk} Vintage Styling & Rentals

ABOUT {Heather Johnston}

My love of vintage and antique pieces is both young and old. As a child, I loved playing with toys that my aunts, uncles and parents had when they were children, and loved hearing stories of our family history. Go ahead, ask me the birthday of anyone in our family…I bet I know it!!!

But, I have been collecting pieces for just a few years. I’m a bit of a home baker, and on a happenstance stumble into an antique mall (who knew these existed?!), I found the sweetest cake tin that dated to 1950’s. I bought that, and subsequently many more over the next year…always keeping my eye open for them everywhere we went!! And we went so many places…travelling by van from here to San Diego…begging for a roadside antique dealer! HA. But on those trips and through so many antique malls and junky roadside stops, we found so many interesting pieces. Some we left behind…that van was also full of my four boys and hubby!!! Some made the trip home ever so gently piled in with my boys, under their feet and even in their laps! They are good sports to say the least!!! Only a few minor eye rolls from the preteen! Fast forward to a very lucrative buy and sell, and then a friend asked about the idea of a rental business. After working out logistics and a fast and furious throw down into social media, {orange trunk} vintage styling & rentals was a reality. 
My husband and boys still trek with me to all the places I like to go looking for these amazing pieces…they have even all started their own collections along the way!

Some of her Inventory!


my name is {velvet}. this one is our favourite!


my name is {isabelle}. what a beauty!

I do what I do, because I love it – Heather Johnston


my name is {adelaide}. perfect for a fall wedding!


Like what you see? so do we!

For all of your vintage rental needs, I highly suggest you check out {orange trunk}! Heather is such a pleasure to work with, and her inventory is endless {and I mean ENDLESS!}. You will be overjoyed to see all the treasures she has hidden!

{Contact Heather}




Find her on: FacebookTwitter, Pinterest


 Until next time, thanks for reading,



 *All photos courtesy of {orange trunk}


be inspired. live inspired. – Karina Brown

{Rockstar Vendors} List = A super rad list made up of our hand-picked Preferred Vendors OR as I like to call them, totally awesome, cool, talented business folk that you should hire for your Wedding + Event Needs 😉


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