DIY Thursday: Whiteboard {Picture Frames}

I’ve been updating my office to be more inspirational, tidy, organized and useful. So what better way then to hand make items to sit inside it. I can stare at my projects and not only feel great about having something handmade, but something to inspire me! 

I’ve been meaning to purchase a giant whiteboard for the office for some time now, so that I can write notes to myself {to do lists, items to pick up, project ideas, etc.}. But I have yet to do it for a few reasons:

  1. They are sooo pricey {and I will always try to save some money where I can – especially now that I have a little kiddo to provide for}
  2. They aren’t that pretty! {I mean, if you want to be inspired – don’t you want something nice to look at?}
  3. And they are heavy {especially the size that I wanted}

So I figured out a way to solve my problem! I present to you: 




Supplies Needed

  • Picture Frames {any Shape, Size + Colour}
  • Paper {any Size as long as it is large than the picture frame edges, and colour you want!}
  • Painters tape
  • Paint – any colour you want! {I use regular Acrylic paint, which you can pick up from the dollar store for cheap – works just fine}
  • Paint brush {small/medium size}
  • Scissors
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Scotch tape
  • Whiteboard marker {black works best if you have a colourful pattern underneath the frame glass}


Step 1: Grab a piece of regular paper, painters tape, paint and paintbrush. Place tape diagonally across the paper {whichever width apart you choose}. Paint in between the tape pieces. Once dry, slowly peel off the tape {to reveal your clean, crisp freshly painted lines}.

If you don’t want to paint your own “whiteboard” background, then simply go to any craft store {Michaels for example} and purchase a sheet of patterned scrapbook paper. The possibilities are endless {you could even grab some wrapping paper or tissue paper you have stashed away in the corner of your basement hoping to be used up for someones birthday present!} Once you have your “whiteboard” background selected or painted, continue on to step 2! {yay}

Step 2: Trace out the size of the background sheet by using the glass from the frame {you want to make sure it fits in there securely and not wrinkled}.

Step 3: Paint the frame(s) whichever colour you would like {but you don’t have to}. I decided to paint 2 frames white since I had 4 black in total. You know, just to change it up a bit 😉

Step 4: Secure the background sheet with scotch tape {on the corners}. Place the frame backing on top, and close with what ever fasteners are already attached to the frame.

Step 5: TA DA! Your frames are complete, and you can now grab your Dry Erase Marker and have some fun! {please make sure you don’t grab permanent marker… though I feel like that’s a given being said}

This project cost me a total of $0! {reason being is that I already had the frames, paint, paper and the rest of the supplies!}. I will probably change out the paper backing – but for now they will do the trick!

These are also great additions to any wedding or event {can be used like “chalkboard signs”} – use them on the buffet, candy bar, sweets bar, drink station {the possibilities are endless!}

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!


be inspired. live inspired. – Karina Brown